Jan 20, 2012

Tanjore painting-VIGNESHWARA

                          "  GAJANANAM BHOOTHA GANAATHI SEVITHAM
                             KAPITHA JAMBOO PALASAARA BAKSHITHAM
                             UMAA SUDHAM SOKHA VINAASA KAARANAM
                             NAMAAMI VIGNESHWARA  PAADHA PANKAJAM"

                             I bow to thee,Oh LORD VIGNESHWARA
                                   -Destroyer of sadness and problems...

                          The omnipotent Vigna raaja-Destroyer of obstacles-
                           is portrayed here in Tanjore style painting...
                           Since I wanted a relatively simple looking one,
                           I refrained from making a traditional -
                           gold and stone embellished Mantap-but
                           just added a well defined border of red stones...
                           and that embellishes the sacred form of GANESHA.


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