Jun 26, 2012

Dainty Doily -Crochet Collections

Spring cleaning has it's own advantages too...

Sometimes ,while cleaning those long forgotten drawers,cupboards,storage boxes or dusty lofts,
you find some treasures whose existence itself is 
forgotten by you decades ago...

This crocheted doily is such a surprise find!

When I spotted it ,it brought back along with it oodles of long forgotten, happy memories...

I still remember the hours of happy labor - crocheting happily ages ago...

This doily sent me on a great nostalgia trip ...I time traveled some 30 plus years backwards...

On finding it,I gave it a gentle wash and ironed the old creases out...

and Here it is...As good as new!!!


  1. wow! Its a pleasant surprise for me too Ushaben. Lovely doily. Never knew you crochet. Why not start it again?! :-)

    Mira’s Talent Gallery

    :-) Mira

    1. Thank you Mira:)
      Will definitely start again...

  2. This is beautiful! Even I love crochet.

  3. beautiful work usha. Lovely doily

  4. Nice one .thx to visit my blog and add ur comments

  5. Very Nice one like a newly made. Some of these small things will give us a Great Happiness, as we only know the sweet memories + history of its first entry to our hands. Thanks for sharing!

    I too have some very small items like this with me. Each of them is having its own big stories [Love & Affection matters] which I only know. ;)))))

    1. Very true Sir...These memories make them special...

  6. Dear Usha
    Lovely Doily yes... it unearths many hidden treasures