Nov 14, 2012


Here is my pearl tree

nearly three decades old...

To make one,you need....

# A good base/holder

#Golden colored aluminium wires
(12 " to 18" long)

# Fake pearls

# Plaster of Paris

# Brown fabric color

* String a pearl in each wire.

*Wind firmly so the pearl is held in place.

*Twist and bind the aluminium wires 

tightly till they form small clusters.

*Bind them together and seperate the wires 

so they form a tree shape.

*Spread out the base of the wire cluster slightly.

* Insert it into a base (I have used a soup bowl).

*Pour Plaster of Paris mixed with water into it .

*Hold the arrangement till the Plaster of Paris hardens.

*Paint the base with brown  fabric color when the base is dry.

I am amazed to see that the aluminium wires and 

the fake pearls have not lost the sheen in spite of its age 

and the number of times I washed them!