May 5, 2014


Somethings stand the test of time....

This Ganesha painted on a mat 

is one such things...

Would you believe it,if I tell you 

He is nearly forty years old !

Yes ! This  painting was done by me

when I was still in school!

 in the early seventies...

It had decorated many walls 

 He moved houses along with me many a times...

It has been quite some years since 

He has been neatly rolled up and sent to the loft...

and in spite of decluttering my house periodically

I never had the heart to see Him off....

Maybe,because  I felt 

it was wit Him ,I made my foray into creativity

in which He helps me till date...

I know ,this is just a traced outline on a mat

dutifully filled with the various color paints

available in my box...But still,

He is someone Special to me!