Nov 11, 2016


Here is a simple and attractive mural  which is made with easily available things  and it needs very little effort too...

You need...

  • A square hard board/plywood of desired size.(mine is 8"x8")
  • A POP moulded Ganesha
  • A bangle
  • Some tanjore painting stones
  • Tassles
  • Gold chord
  • 3-D liner/gold
  • Paints
  • Gold paint/dust
  • Glue
How to make it....
  • Make a hole in the board to attach the chord for hanging it.
  • Paint the board with in the desired color.Dry.
  • Stick the bangle in the centre of the board with glue.
  • Stick the moulded Ganesha inside the bangle.Dry.
  • Now stick the stones as per your design (use your creativity)
  • Line it with 3-D gold liner.Dry.
  • Now ,touch up the Ganesha and bangle with gold paint/dust.Dry.
  • Stick tassles as per your wish.
  • Dry . 
  • Your simple and easy mural is now ready for display.

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