Feb 5, 2017


A rose is a rose is a rose...

Here is my short slideshow of pretty ,rare roses...

A thing of beauty...A joy forever...

Do click on the picture to view....

And some quotes on roses...

“Some people grumble that roses have thorns; 

I am grateful that thorns have roses.” 

"A rose's rarest essence lives in the thorn."
"A thorn defends the rose, harming only those who would steal the blossom."
"No rose without a thorn."
"Roses fall, but the thorns remain."
"The rose is a flower of love. The world has acclaimed it for centuries. Pink roses are for love hopeful and expectant. White roses are for love dead or forsaken, but the red roses, ah the red roses are for love triumphant.     "
"Do not watch the petals fall from the rose with sadness, know that, like life, things sometimes must fade, before they can bloom again."
"A rose must remain with the sun and the rain or its lovely promise won't come true."
"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck."

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