Dec 21, 2011


Here are some simple cookery tips to make your life easier...

1.To prevent green chutney sandwich  from becoming soggy,add some mashed potatoes and mix well with the chutney and spread it   to your buttered bread slice.

2.Add a piece of pumpkin to make richer and thicker tomato soup.
It is more nutritious too...

3.To brown onions in little oil,add a little sugar and fry it.
It gives onions a beautiful brown color.

4.Add some flaxseed powder to your Idli Chilly Powder 
(Idli Milagai Podi)...It is healthier and there is no taste difference too.

5.To make extra soft chappaties, knead the dough with warm water to which some cooking oil is added.

6.For a change,add a hand full of sour grapes while grinding the ingredients for your gravy.
It tastes great and is healthier too.(And it is a great way to use up sour grapes...)

7. While cooking spinach,add a teaspoon sugar to retain the bright green color.

8.If you forget to soak Kabuli channa(chick peas) ,overnight,don't worry.
Soak it in hot water and keep it airtight in a casserole  for 2 hours.
It will be ready to pressure cook now.

9.Add a teaspoon of sour curd while sauteeing ladies finger...It is less stickier and fries in lesser fat too.

10.Add a teaspoon of fried fenugreek(methi seeds) to enhance the taste and flavor of your sambar...

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