Dec 19, 2011


Try these simple and easy to follow tips and you will be able to manage your household and other chores with greater ease...

1.Always have some chopped onions packed in an airtight container in your partial freezer.
This helps in reducing the cooking time effectively.

2.Grate coconuts once a week and store it in your freezer.
This reduces stress during the zero hour.

3.Soak Toor Dal for a while before pressure cooking.The cooking time is reduced by half.

4.Powder some sugar and cardamoms in a mixer and store the powder in an airtight jar.
This powder can be added to sweets,kheers etc. that needs powdered cardamom.
Saves a lot of last minute rush while preparing the sweet.

5.Store an airtight container with cooked and mashed potatoes. Keep it in the freezer and use for 10 days.
A real face saver in times of emergencies ...
You can whip up a snack,curry,gravy etc . effortlessly.

6.Multitask-Make your vegetable chopping time your T.V.
watching time too and relax while you work.

7.Make a paste of ginger,garlic ,salt and vinegar.(No water)
Refrigerate .You can use this paste in your curries ,kormas etc.
This keeps good for 3 + months.

8.Grind your weekly quota of  Idli/dosa batter .
Split and store it in smaller airtight  containers in the fridge.
Use up one container per session/meal.
The batter stays fresher  upto  10 days.

9.Make chappati dough. Divide into meal sized portions and refrigerate in airtight containers.Microwave for 30-40 seconds and it is as good and soft as freshly kneaded dough.
You save a lot of time and effort .

10.Use some easy to chop veggies like pumpkins,drumsticks,ladies fingers etc instead of time consuing veggies like beans,banana stems etc. when you are cooking up a meal in a hurry. 


  1. Many of listed things I do practise Usha, it does come handy most of the times. I cut carrot, beans, cabbage and keep it in air tight containers. Grated coconut I keep it in the deep freezer. Off course chappati dough will last for me atleast for 4 days [ as I mix the flour in a grinder].Thanks for sharing

  2. Nithya,
    Nice to know you practice these timesavers and more too...
    You do have to make quite some quantity of chappati dough when you use a grinder,isnt it?
    Chopping veggies ahead and storing is indeed very helpful esp. in the morning rush hours.