Since many years one of my unchanged sunday morning routine

is picking up the Dinamalar Vaaramalar (supplement to the newspaper)

and straight away start doing the crossword puzzle.

It is simple -sometimes, silly according to my family

and my son finds it an insult to one's intelligence.

But I find it so destressing and encouraging...


#You like to start the day with a small success!

When you finish it your lips smile automatically!

# sometimes you find some words fill up fully or partially

by itself when you fill something else...

This reassures you that though you are bogged down by

a dozen issues,grave and otherwise...some get sorted out

by themselves even without your notice...some get partially

diffused when you handle another problem...and sometimes

the solution may be totally different from what you thought

was the answer...

#Sometimes changing one alphabet unlocks a whole cluster

of words...

and in our life too one small wrong or right move sometimes

hold the key to most of our woes or joy...

I love that micromini euphoria that a solved crossword puzzle gives me...