Dec 25, 2011

Are we not racists???

  1. We are deeply hurt and angered by any kind of racist remark or attack on us or any fellow being in any odd corner of this earth....but wait.

    Do we think twice before accusing others of racism-if racism includes discriminating a fellow being just becuase he is born with a colored(read dark)skin...

    Where else in this earth is there such a roaring market for FAIRNESS CREAMS other than our country?
              And a new Fairness cream for Men is promoted by a leading hero!
    Where else does a dark skinned girl child's birth bring worry and sighs?

    Where else is a fair skinned girl a hot bride material?

    Where else do find pregnant women fed on potions that promise a lighter skinned baby?

    ........Than in our land!

    So in our heart of hearts do we consider a fair skin a sign of beauty?Superiority? 

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