Dec 19, 2011

Baby Vending Machines!!!!!!!!!

We had guests and I was busy passing some snacks around...

It was a small group of friends and family...

Suddenly ,one little kid popped up the ultimate question-

"How are babies made?"


Red faces...

The query was voiced again louder and clearer...

"Pray hard and God gives Mamma one" ...

I thought I saved a lot of embarassment...But the kid did not seem to be convinced by my reply!

"Will I get one if I pray?"

I went tongue tied..

When another kid...all of 5 years then ...came forward and held the other kid's hands
and said...

"I know ...I will tell you"

I wished the earth opened up and swallowed me .

"You know...when a woman goes to the  hospital and asks Doctor ...I want a baby...

The doctor presses a machine switch and a child comes out !!!"

Hi tech stork story!!!!!

Phew!!!Where from he got such info,I wondered but all of us breathed a sigh

of relief and continued our happy chatter -relieved!

And the other little brat was convinced with the reply too!!!!!

Anyways, still nobody got inspired by his idea ...I suppose!

otherwise we would have "BABY VENDING  MACHINES" every where!!!!

Aren't kids really imaginative? 


  1. that answer was cho chweee...e.eeet. LOL

  2. WOW - since we have so many vending machines - why not this baby vending machines - immaculate conception practised in those days [ religious texts] he he he

  3. Nithya,
    Won't it really be a boon to many a childless couples...But population explosion!!!Where will it go???????

  4. Welcome to my blog...Mira...
    Glad you find it enjoyable and chweet...