Dec 22, 2011

Women in Tamil T.V. serials!!!!!!!!''

  1. After watching t.v. serials I have come to a conclusion that you have to

    have some special characteristics to qualify as a T.V. WOMAN...and just

    see how different she is from the real woman we meet everyday.

    1.TV woman usually live in large mansions complete with a patio and

    swimming pool in Chennai ....

    2.They believe in mega sized joint families ...

    3. They always live a roller coaster life...mega business woman one day

    and a pauper with sweaty face and torn blouse the next day...

    4. They don't believe in small steps... only giant leaps...

    Always do business in such a large scale that would make Ambani look like

    a Small scale entrepreneur.

    5.They are tolerance personified-they will put up will all sort of nonsense

    from the villain gang till the last but few episodes.

    6.They Balance family and job perfectly- never lose threir temper at Pati

    devtas or MILs how ever mean they are...

    7.They go to jail as if is it is a "must visit" tourist spot.

    8. They are always groomed well and never have a bad hair day .

    9.The main doors of their house is always kept open.

    10.If she is a "GOOD" woman she dresses up in a simple and elegant


    11. If she is a "BAD" woman she dresses up in gaudy ,flashy jewels and


    12.They always think aloud when alone.

    13.A mil is either too good or wickedness personified...

    14.If SHE is the wicked one , you wont be able to guess what she does for a living because  she is spending all her time in plotting against the protagonist.
    15.She always wears the pants of the family.

    16. She has shoulders of steel-she carries the load of her entire family, carries others

    problems,others' woes , a no good hubby and his worthless family , a business empire

    built from nothing-etc etc on her fragile but strong shoulders... 


  1. How nice it would have been if the world was same to us also. A beautiful multitasker personified. he he enjoyed reading ths prescriptions of a TV heroine

  2. Nithya...
    This is the problem...this more than perfect heroine gives a "Superwoman Syndrome" to many a serial watcher...
    Another TV heroine trait-She never has time to watch a serial-Maybe thats why she is able to achieve so much!!!!!
    So happy to note you enjoyed the write up.

  3. Usha you forgot one important criterion. A very feminine woman (usually the lead lady) has as a rule got to talk in an artificial high pitched voice.

  4. Satchi,
    All TV women speak in a high tenor as if the whole world is deaf.

  5. If they are personified differently the serial may never be a mega serial. TV serials have become a bane of the current society and i have seen people getting addicted to these serials.. be it my mother who is no more now, my wife or my mother in law they are all glued to the seats from 6pm to 10 pm channel surfing between various serials. Nice post

  6. It is a numbing addiction-Megaserials...
    It is happening in almost every other home-serial addiction!
    But all know even if they miss a few weeks nothing much would have happened..
    Thank you Mr.Engram