Dec 23, 2011

The art of gifting right...

Sometimes ,I wonder if we should give some serious rethinking on the matter of gifting!

No-I am not a kanjoos who grudge gifting or a greedy goose who judges a pal by the MRP of the gift!

Every wedding sees dozens of bedroom lights,flasks(in the days of MW s and induction stoves),bulky hotcases(in Hot hot Chennai),huge papier mache statues ,Crockerysets and stainless steel dabbas...and the young couple are going to take the next flight to US. ..or their tiny 1 BR apt cant hold all these gifts...

The concept of gift vouchers are slowly creeping into our metros but not fast enough to replace plastic dabbas as gifts...

Come Navaratri and I am loaded with a bunch of recycled blouse bits (with shiny prints of the Mills etc. on it!,odd shaped plastic bowls,containers ,apple shaped plates (the gifter thought it was cute but I think it is rather queer to eat in it!!!)

And almost 90% of them go into my Recycle Bin...only to be saddled on another unsuspecting victim who visits me!

Only,she repays my kindness with vengeance when I visit her next time...and my Recycle Bin is always overflowing !

I remember my friend who threw a fit at her friend who gifted her a kid a drum and the little one thought he was Drums Sivamani and her head was bursting at its seams!

Shall I give you a tiny tip on what gifts are welcome?

Money(but it is not too appropriate for all ocassions...)

Small Curios -if the reciever is an art lover(Remember-Small is beautiful in a world where space shortage is perennial)

Idols of Lakshmi-Her arrival prophesies flooding wealth and She is never regifted to any one!
Ganesh murthis- (if the Giftee is a Ganesha collector)

Gift Vouchers from good stores(even if the value is small)

Nonperishable eats like dry fruits ,nuts,chocolates etc(not sweets that have short shelf life)....
Silver coins...

Gift right and your gift is cherished and you are remembered fondly

or else...God help you!


  1. We forget the proverb " pattiram ariendu gift kodu" Nowadays nothings seems useful. The inflation has pricked all pockets and it has become some sort of show time. Hence gifting has become an mundane work.

  2. Hunting for a right gift is indeed a tough task today.Vouchers are a safe bet.But many still are wary of them here.