Jan 7, 2012

Stained glass painting-Love birds...

Here is my favorite Stained Glass Painting...

Look  at these cute lovey dovey pair...

lovingly gazing at each other!!!

I slipped the design sheet under 

a piece of glass ( an old leftover glass bit!)

and used a black glass liner to make the lines..

Since it was a hot summer day,

The liner was dry as soon as I applied it...

I cleaned the small imperfections quickly

and started off with the coloring job..

I decided to make the birds bright and colorful,

so I decided to stick on to a simple color scheme 

for the flowers and leaves...

and the sun in the backdrop 

gave me no choice but yellow!!!

And would you believe it-

I completed the full painting in 40 minutes flat...

and the result was stunning and

when I gifted it to my friend,

she was very happy and admired it a lot!

Luckily ,I took a snap of these 

endearing birds before they 

flew away from my hands!!!

Whenever I see these birds,

I hum the old Tamil song...

"love birds...

thakka dhimi thaa..."


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