Jan 7, 2012

Common Weight watchers' excuses...

  Here are some of the most frequently mouthed lies/excuses by unsuccessful dieters/weight watchers...

" That stupid scale is all wrong!"

"I always eat so little..."

"It is my gene.I take after the wrong side of the family"

"It is some hormone problem!"

"I had just 1 tiny chocolate cookie-that's not gonna fatten me..."

"Healthy food never harms you"

"It is too hot to exercise..."

"How to walk on a rainy day like this"

"Feeling run down...too tired to gym out"

"Will go on an extra strict diet after the vacation"

"Have a can I say NO  and hurt the host's feelings?"

"Will make up this weekend..."

"I am so busy! Can't find time to jog..."

"Even plain salads  fatten me..."

"Come on ...70% of the world is fat!"

"I  skipped the coffee instead of that Sundae..."

"But...It is a sin to let food go waste!!!"

"I am not lazy..."

"My muscle hurts..."

"I hardly eat anything fried or buttered"

" I am not fat...just feeling gassy!"

"Chocolates are actally very good for your health..."

""I did not want it...You tempted me like a devil"

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