Jun 7, 2012

Another award_A VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD form Mira

                             Sweet surprises in life

                       an unexpected praise

                       a whiff of cool air

                       a friend who shows "I care"

          are some of the things that make life 

          interesting and worth living...

          And now such a joyous moment...

          My blogpal Mira of  Mira's Talent Gallery
         has passed on this award to me!
           And it would not be fair on my part if I fail to mention 
            the kind guidance that Mira gave me when I started 

            The true spirit of these awards is motivating and
            encouraging new bloggers (with less than 200 followers)
            in blogosphere...
           I would like to share 7 things about myself...
  • A juggler who effortlessly juggles between the roles of a mother,wife,daughter,cook,philosopher,artist,writer,freak, sentimental fool and more...
  • An incurable rain lover...
  • A humor lover who first laughs at herself...
  • A dedicated Art and craft teacher(that's what my students say)
  • A person born with inbuilt shock absorbers but also the shortest fuse...
  • My favorite book -"MANY LIVES...MANY MASTERS..."by Dr.Brian Weiss...
  • A God loving person (not a God fearing person)

            I ,in turn,am passing it on to 5 bloggers who are  
            making  waves  in the blogging scene...
  1. Thaanaithalaivi of is an absolutely hilarious writer...No Tamil reader should miss her promising blog.
  2. Supriya  of ...her's is a nice food blog.
  3. Nithyakalyani of ...her's is a multidimensional blog where the main focus is knitting ...
  4. Punitha of a fantastic food blog...
  5.  Deeksha of an awesome foodblog worth visiting. 
            Congrats , dear blog friends...
            In order to accept the award ,you have to...
    1. Create a new post.
    2. Thank the lovely person who nominated you for the award.
    3. Pass it to 5 or more  fellow bloggers.
    4. State 7 random facts about you.
    5. Notify the recepients by posting a comment on their blogs.
    6. Claim and post the award pic.
 All the best !!!!

and.....Thank you ,Mira!!!!!!!!!!


  1. My Heartiest Congratulations & Best Wishes to you, Madam. You are always very much deserved for much more awards.

    Thanks to Mira for choosing Mrs. Usha Srikumar, the right person for the right award.

    My Best Wishes to all others to whom you are now offerig/distributing this award.


  2. Usha ka, congratulations !!
    Now one of you have to teach me how to add all these awards to my blog.
    I will be in touch after the weekend.

  3. Thanks a lot Usha for the award and congrats to you too.

  4. Thank you,
    Sudha,Ashok and Supriya:)))

  5. Thanks for sharing this wonderful award.