Dec 22, 2014


To grow a bonsai tree takes years and years of painstaking ,patient work....

This Handmade Bonsai is an imitation of the real one...

And it just takes a few hours' of imaginative,creative effort....

You need....

  •  Pliable steel wire bits
  • Tissue paper
  • Flower making wire with green gum tape wrapped on them
  • Glue
  • Plaster of paris
  • Acrylic paints in brown and yellow ocher shades
  • Flower making wires wrapped with green colored gum tape.
  • A suitable base/holder (I used anartistically shaped  coconut shell which was sold in an exhibition for just Rs.5)
  • Thread


  • Cut steel wires into 3 -4 inch bits to shape the branches.
  • Cut a few longer bits to shape the trunk of the tree.
  • Cut the green wires into 1 1/2 to2 inch bits. Tie 8-10 bits aroun the tip of a steel wire 
  • Wrap tissue paper soaked in diluted glue around the wires  and shape the branches.
  • Run a thread around each bit and fasten it well.
  • Similarly use more tissue papers and make a thicker trunk.
  • Let them dry for a day.
  • Bend them to your desired shapes.
  • Shape the green wires to resemble some spiky tree leaves.
  • Arrange the branches on the trunk and secure them with thread and glue.
  • Mix the Plaster of paris with enough water .
  • Pour some into the base and set the trunk in it .Let the Plaster of Paris harden well.
  • Mix more plaster of paris and  apply it on the trunk ,base and branches roughly so it resembles a tree.
  • Let it dry well.
  • Paint it with acrylic colors .

The Bonsai is ready for display!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice. Looks like real Bonsai. It was better if you had shared the tutorials photos too.