Dec 20, 2014


Here is a simple Batik painting done by me...

Batiks are done on cotton or silk clothes...

I am giving the basic procedure for doing a batik painting ...

Plain white cotton cloth is washed well and destarched.

On that fabric ,the basic design is roughly sketched...

Paraffin wax and bees wax is mixed in the proportion 2:1 nd dissolved on medium heat.The hot wax is painted on the design and then dyed in yellow.(Napthol dyes)

The cloth is then dried and the areas that has to be yellow is coated with  wax and now dyed in maroon.

The cloth is now dried and the areas to be preserved as maroon is waxed 

Lightly crush the fabric so that it develops cracks .

Now,Dye it in the final color-Navy Blue.
Dry well.

Dewax the cloth by dipping it in boiling water to melt away the wax  and iron it between sheets of newspaper to clean the wax stains completey.

The technique used in Batik is called wax resistant technique.


  1. Awesome. I love Batik ....will try the procedure you shared.

  2. Beautiful hand work of Batik. I prefer Batik print the most...Thank u for the wonderful share...