Dec 17, 2011

Housekeeping ...Simplified!

I do not like to spend long hours cleaning the house -

Less than 20 mins is my take!

Ofcourse I have a maid who does the main washing,sweeping and washing vessels and weekly bathroom cleaning.

I keep a simple cleaning and dusting timetable .

Wiping dining table (5mins) Daily-twice

Wiping /dusting the hall(10 mins)-I do it just twice a week.
(sofas/tepoy/tv /showcase/curios/paintings etc.)

Bedroom dusting /doing beds etc.(10 mins for a room)

Changing bed sheets(15 mins for a room)

Dusting cobwebs-(10-12 mins) for a 3 bedroom house.(do it just once in 10 days and it is neat.

Fridge cleaning(10-15 mins) (empty first/discard unwanted stuff/wipe with a soapy sponge -then wipe dry and send the good stuff into it) and spray a good cleaner and wipe the outsides)

Do it once a week.

Changing kitchen shelf papers-once a month-(20 mins)

Decluttering -twice a week(throw out unwanteds like used covers ,magazines,papers etc)

Wiping window grills of one room-10 mins

wiping fans-5 mins per fan

cleaning cupboards-one shelf per 10 min session

I just balance the jobs and try to spend not more than 20 mins a day-that too not at one go- so I dont find house keeping a bother.

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