Jan 2, 2012


1. Wipe your gold ornaments with a piece of chamois leather regularly to keep it gleaming.

2.After use,wipe your jewelry with a drop of Eau de cologne to remove  invisible  hints of sweat and make up from it.

3.To  remove grease and grime from diamond jewels,immerse them in a jar of talcum powder for a while and wipe with a piece of chamois leather.

4. Pearls should always be stored in a satin or silk lined box to maintain its sheen-never in a steel or plastic box.

5. Always wear the earrings,necklace etc.after applying  your make up.

6. Always sit it a clutter free place when wearing your stone  studded earrings/studs.
 Even if the slip off your hand it will be easy to locate them.

7.To disentangle chains just dust some talc on it and gently seperate it's tangles.

8. To make a simple and easy bangle holder,just roll a magazine to the desired size and slip in the bangles.

9. Air your corals and pearls regularly -they tend to lose sheen and sometimes even disintegrate if kept in humid and damp lockers for too long a period.

10. Always check the clasps and hooks before wearing any jewel-
an ill fitted clasp or a loose hook is responsible for many a jewel loss.


  1. All tips are very useful one.

    especially that newspaper roller tip for bangles is a great one !

    congrats & continue like this !

  2. Thank you,Sravani...Even I find it easy and useful.