Dec 30, 2011

Make eating out healthier...

Regular eating out has become the practice of the day.

Eating out is fun

Eating out is enjoyable

Eating out is therapeutic

Eating out is fashionable

Eating out is unavoidable

Eating out is a necessity!!!!!


Eating out-

Is it healthy??????

Lets come out with our ideas to make eating out


# Never skip salads

#always have a clear soup. most of the cream style soups

have maida and lots of butter/cream to make it calorie dense.

#If it is breakfast stick, to steamed foods like idlis, idiappams etc

It has no oil and hence healthier.

#cut the coconut rich chutneys-have extra helpings of sambar,

green chutney, tomato chutney etc.

#Avoid oil rich puris, vadas, Dosas etc or have them sparingly-

going heavy on oil rich foods early in the morning makes your

system dull and lethargic.

#if you want bread, choose multigrain or wheat bread over white bread.

#If you are having eggs- have boiled or poached ones.

# always have fresh fruit helpings

# avoid fizzy drinks - stick to fresh juice.
#If you are going in for a dessert, choose a dessert which has a lot of fresh fruits.
#Make sure you avoid cream or butter laden gravies.
#Stick on to stir fried dishes as they are lower in fat when compared to deep fried ones.
#Avoid buffet spreads-It is hard to resist over eating


  1. I think sometimes one must "Live to eat" he he he otherwise with so many prescriptions then we have to follow "eat to live".

  2. Ha ha ha...Sometimes even I think so...