Feb 1, 2012

MY FIRST AWARD ....FROM MIRA.... Thank you,Mira...


I am into blogging  for hardly  a month and a half and I am happy to see some are impressed by my work...

And my dear blogger friend Mira-of who is always actively encouraging and guiding me with her suggestions and comments has passed on this award -LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD- to me!!!!!!!

Liebester is a German word meaning "favorite" or "beloved" and the award goes to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers. 

THANK YOU ,Dear Mira...for passing on this kind recognition over to me...

Now it is my turn to pass on this Award to 5 other enthusiastic bloggers,whose blogs I admire...

My first pick is my dear motivator and friend,Sudha Kailas .Her blog,   is a new blog in the which she shares her descriptive travelogues  and Jewelry  Making ideas...She has much more up her sleeve...just wait and watch...

The second pick is Sravani of is just a few months old in the world of blogging and she has already made her presence felt with her concerned and thoughtful poems...Sravani...your ideas are great...I simply love the aesthetic look of her blog. I should admit she taught me some of the rudiments of designing a blog.

The third  choice is  SrimathiBabu of I  admire her simple and neat handiworks and her presentation skills.

The fourth one is to you, Priya Sivaraj of craft blog is simply awesome and I love her tutorials and tips of various crafts...I still remember the days she did the Oonjal Krishna -Tanjore painting with me and I was so happy to see that in her blog ...Priya...You rock!

And the fifth pick goes to Ramvino ...of .her crochets and knits are simply wonderful...I admire her works...

Dear Sudha, Sravani, Srimathi, Priya and Ramvino...

 applause a big hug to you all friends

To accept the award, Copy & paste the award to your blog, link back to the person who gave it to you and Share the joy with your favourite blogpals who has less than 200 followers.  My best wishes to you all.


  1. At first ,

    my hearty congrats to you on getting this award in such a short period!

    next iam so delighted & excited to get this award
    from you. yes , really this is a great and sweet surprise to me. thanks a bunch my dear friend !

    and i will sure pass this award to five budding bloggers soon.

  2. thanks alot dear and i am very much happy to recieve from you and Mira who gave you.....

  3. My hearty congratulations for getting the award and i am so thrilled to receive the award from you. Will surely pass on this award to fellow bloggers soon.

  4. Mam!! Never knew u had such a blog!! I am hooked on to it now!!! One humble lady with such truly amazing!!! talents.. I used to think, if u started a blog to show ur expertise in various fields, many would get benefited.And I see that to be true now!! And your works are amazing as usual! the tips are sooo useful! and the recipes are mouth watering!your musings are so thoughful.I would say this blog is one of a kind in blogland and the best in it!! Kudos to you !! and all the very best!!Will keep visiting u often! Love you too, the lady u r and the talents u have!I have nt spoken so much to you in person.. feel easy to comment :)))

    And thanks a lot for the award .. it means so much to get an award from the Guru itself!!I have to say I have nt seen any teacher better than u r..You r the best in teaching too!!

    Phew.. the comment has become like a letter!!I would luv to meet u up sometime..Lets see.

  5. Dropped in from Mira's blog. Love all your traditional crafts. Its been a wish of mine to learn Tanjore so I am fascinated by your blog
    Cheers from Bangalore, India

  6. Thank you...Sravani,Ramvino,Srimathi and Priya .

    Welcome to my blog,Priya and Dr. Sonia...Looking forward to travel with you all in this blogosphere.


  7. Usha ka, congratulations and thanks so much for giving me this pleasant surprise in the form of an award too !!

  8. இங்க ஏன் எல்லாருமே இங்கிலீஷ்லயே எழுதி இருக்கீங்க?