Dec 24, 2011


1.Do not store old newspapersmagazines etc. for more than a week.

2.Get rid of old /outgrown dresses -send them to needy orphanages,old homes etc.

3.Get rid of carry bags which you accumulate after every shopping spree.

4.Donate old text books immediately after your child completes a year in school.

5.Dont buy dvds.Rent them or exchange them ...

6. Keep minimum utensils in the kitchen.Use multifunctional crockery and cutlery.

7.Do not stock your larder and fridge -you tend to waste most of them.

8.Dont buy things impulsively if it is not absolutely necessary.

9.Go in for sleek multifunctional furniture than heavy ,massive ornate ones which steals space

and make the room appear messy and over stuffed.

1o. Use a lending library to get your books / mags instead of  buying them.

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