Dec 26, 2011

A child prodigy in the making ?!?!?!?!

  1. I would like to share with you all the efforts taken by my friend ...

    a young mother...whose sole ambition and occupation was to make

    her little one a child prodigy!

    She always kept me poste with eager and happy updates of how her son

    is so quick at grasping things-(and the poor dear had just seen 2 summers!)

    Once she told me he could identify flags of different countries...

    Another day she called me up mainly to give me the news that the boy

    could count frm one to 100-backwards...

    I wished I could tell her that the boy may be spending sessions on a

    psychiatrist's couch discussing his childhood and MUMMY...

    She even told me she gives him lessons 4 times daily(are they medicines?)

    Once I was there at her house and after a session of kidcentric talks-

    she woke up her darling genius ... coaxed him to leave the bed and cut

    short the siesta...pushed a G I Joe into his hand...and brought him

    before me for a performance...

    The show started off with -simple January ...February....recitals

    Then it switched over to some more demanding exercise -


    He did well-only needed little prompting and a little cajoling and tiny threats...

    Next came- a more complicated round of challenge...

    Now I could see stars in the young mother's eyes and I could visualise

    her dreaming a camera crew from famous channels shooting the show!

    "Places and People"-Shall we call it?

    Mamma went ...


    Japanis...Prattled sonny as he fiddled restlessly...


    I decided to join the fun now...

    After all the judje of the show has a right to question? Isnt it!

    Bali? (he wont know-I thought)


    So closes home...



    (He has some stuff!!!)



    (too complicated to excused)






             He barked out proudly...

             I controlled my urge to smile-rather burst out at the mindless mother -

             "He is sleepy ,you see", she mumbled apologetically with a red face while the kid

              happily fiddled with  the T.V. remote...
    His mother now knew the TV crews are not going to come home in near future

    and the teaching sessions had to be more longer...

    "He is thorough with International ones...need a little honing in the

    National scene..." 
    At least that was what Mamma dear tried to tell me

    in many words while the little one happily dragged a sofa cushion down ,

    sat on it and stretched out his hands and took off on an imaginery flight to -

    May be the land of Andhreeeese?????????????? or rather Keraleeeeese?

    I was happy that the childhood was not successfully plucked out as a bud. 


  1. All eeeeese must have made him a little uncomfortable as his mother did not provide the correct tutorials. Hope he did not get spanked out. over indulging and over bearing parents who try to impose things on children what they wanted to do in life.

  2. Yes...
    Good thing he was not taught Quantum Physics by Mamma dear !!!
    They want live their dreams thro their kids.