Dec 26, 2011


1.  While starching dark colored clothes,add some diluted tea or coffee extract  to your starch solution before you soak the clothes into it. You will not get light ,starch patches.

2.While washing colored fabrics for the first time,soak them in salt solution for a few hours to prevent the color from running.

3. If you are drying the clothes in direct sunlight,turn the garment
 inside out  to prevent fading of colors.

4.When washing woolen garments,do not squeeze or wring them.
  Just let it drip and dry or else they will lose shape.

5.While storing white silks in the wardrobe for a long period,wrap          
  in a light blue paper to prevent it from becoming dull and 
  off white.

6.Always iron silks dresses/saris in the wrong side to avoid fading due to heat exposure.It prevents the gold lace  from losing the sheen.

7.Air your silks regularly and refold them to avoid wearing 
out in  the folds.

8.folding and stacking heavy silks is better than hanging them in
 a clothes hanger because the weight of the gold lace (zari) puts stress on the fabric damage it.

9.Ironing starched fabrics is easier if done  when the fabric is slightly damp .

10.While embroidering on a white/light colored  fabric,use yellow carbon paper .Also dust your palms with a little talc to prevent grime or sweat stains from dirtying your fabric.

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