Dec 27, 2011


I am not a fan of sob -sob teleserials where wicked mothers in law and sisters in law  plot against goody goody daughters  in law...

But-what drives me up the wall are some mindless and heartless telemarketing campaigns...

Surf the TV at any time of the day or night(especially Tamil channels) -you have someone trying to sell you a Kubera Yantra which guarantees(?) downpour of money in your house by hook or crook...

In another slot ,you have an eerie looking man dressed in black lecturing menacingly about the evil effects of Shani (Saturn) and the only way to protect oneself and the family is with the talisman he sells...

Next, follows a portly matron advising you to buy a talisman to ward you from the ill effects of the evil eye!!!

Surf a few channels further,you have a 7th generation doctor speaking with utmost sincerity(?) about the potions he sells to increase your vim and vigor!!!

Another one is selling weight loss teas and weight loss pills ...

Leave them alone ,and you bump into a blondie (speaking the regional language)and trying to convince you to buy a belt which guarantees to reduce your waistline as you laze in your couch and watch the Telly...And what more...she vouches for the genuineness of the product...(if the product does not work,where do I search for you and ask you,My lady!!!Which country are you from?)

Apart from them ,there is the ever present Vaastu /Fengshui product seller who promises heaven and high seas if you buy a pyramid or a chime..

All these sellers have a field day selling wares across the country thro the most powerful visual media..

They capitalise on the power of suggestion-which works on the mind of the common man-
Let us say,100000 people watch it every day-at least 10% of them will be bogged down with some problem or the a weak moment,at least 1% of them decide to try them and call the toll  free number...and are soon poorer by a few thousand bucks! And this is happening every day!!!!!

Can these folks be sued ?
Are their products based on science or any valid proof of performance?

At least talismans and chimes only leave them poorer but the quacks (parading in the name of Sidda medicine etc.) potions make the shy and ignorant patient more ill and depressed...It is a threat to their lives...

Why is the Ministry for Info and Broadcasting not stopping such commercials and letting channels(Including National channels) make money at the cost of defrauding the public? 


  1. ops you forgot the lovely ads where by using a shampoo one can pull a truck through the help of tresses. under what law will they come???/ even consumer forum cannot protect us.

  2. Yes Nitya.
    I can recall the ad.
    What abt the one where girls drool over men who use a particular body spray...disgusting.