Dec 29, 2011

The farce in the name of education...

          The highly antiquated education system aimed at mass producing the much needed clerks for the East India Co. is still followed  in schools  in our country.
          Students are still taught to memorise and reproduce -they are reduced to calculators and photocopiers -making education a mockery ...they are educated-not learned.

         While most of our schools hardly have time to finish their annual syllabus ,consisting of Languages,Math,Science,History and Geography-we have a handful of elite schools who spice up
the learning with some extras like pottery,fine arts,trekking,horse riding,swimming  and so on.

       But,how many of our schools initiate children into the bare essentials like team-building,
goal -setting or decision making?

        Our school curriculum should be designed in such a way so as to nurture creativity in young minds as well as encourage positive thinking right from childhood.

        For,it is these qualities that ultimately make a person complete  in every sense of the word.
         And ,what more? Are kids taught to face failure- that would reduce the rate of nervous breakdowns,suicides the tiniest obstacle encountered in your path...

         Is it not high time we started to view education as something that just exists between the covers of text books but all around us?




  1. ops you have forgotten English [ total 5 subjects] is compulsory. Till class V Tamil is cumpolsary and Hindi is taught but does not have any value as far as progress report is concerned. Long live education

  2. Nitya,
    True...Many subjects are studied to be forgotten after the exams.
    I remember,my son studied Hindi as 3rd language till 8th and he hardly knows the language!