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In Shirdi and in every Saibaba temple we used to see/hear a slogan like this. "Ananta Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhiraja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki jai." These words are very descriptive of the true nature of sri sai maharaj of shirdi.

That is to say - Who is Sai maharaj? What is his real nature? What is his avatar karya? And so many things in detail.Let us go to a detailed view of the above slogan.

Actually the sentence include nine descriptive words which includes,

1.Ananta koti brahmanda nayaka
2.Rajadhi raja
3.Yogi raja
ki Jai

1.Ananta koti brahmanda nayaka:-
God created this universe. In this universe there are many millions of His creations. Because he created everything, He has every right over it. He is the creator of it. Maintainer of it. He destroys it if he likes it. One who has every right to control over this entire universe He is Non other than the Guru God, the Sai Baba of Shirdi. So he is the universal controller of this entire universe, which consists of not only this earth and 84 lakhs of creators over it, but millions and millions of earths, suns, stars etc etc... one who has control and who can command over all these millions of bramandams is the God the Sadguru Sai Baba. So he is the ananta koti brahmanda nayaka.

2.Rajadhi raja:-
The ruler is called the king-Raja. the ruler of some area has control over his area. Like this this total world is ruled by so many rulers. One who has control over all these rulers is generally called the ruler of the rulers.he is the rajadhi raja. Sadguru Sai maharaj is the king of kings, and the rajadhi raja.

3.Yogi raja:-
the king rules some physical area. But the yogis area is different. He is also a ruler. He rules his mind. He has control over the mind. There are so many yogis in this world. who is the king of all these yogis is yogiraja. He is Sai Yogiraja!

Nirakara Parabrahmam. He is the creator, maintainer and destroyer of the universe. He is there before the creation of this universe. He is there every where in this universe. He will remain even after the destruction of this universe. Because he is the cause of it. He is invisible. He is Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. Veda told about him as nirakara, nirguna parabrahmam. He was the sound AUM. Even if he is nirakara nirguna, he has every control over this universe. Guru sakshat parabrahma. Sai Maharaj is Sakshat parabrahma.The universal father.

Para brahman is nirguna and formless. But this Sri is visible. This is the creation. Pancha bhutatmakam. the earth, the sky, the air, the fire and the water.This creation includes this world, the galaxies, the stars and 84 lakh living creatures etc. What we can see is called by this Sri.This is also called prakriti, the nature. What is invisible and the cause for this universe, the Anantha Shakti which is indicated by parabrahmam is Sai Baba. And which is his creation, that is visible to all is called by Sri is also SaiBaba.
Baba used to say to the question "who are your parents?", "God is my father and the World is my mother. To them I was born". Here we can clearly understand that the invisible parabrahma indicated by Om is the father and the visible world is the mother. Sri Sai Baba is the incarnation of the invisible and the visible, we have to understand this.

This word indicates godhood. This is very popular in Hindu Vedanta. This consists of three words. SAT CHIT ANANDA. SAT is the truth.Which will not be affected by anything. That will remain always. Sai is Satsvarupa. CHIT is Knowledge. It is the most powerful. Among 84 lakhs jeevarasis God presented his special quality of his to human beings to a limited extent. Knowledge is all Knowing .Knowing everything is the another quality of God. Sai Baba knows everything. So Sai is Chit swarupa. Ananda is the blissful nature of God. If we realise God that same bliss will be enjoyed by us. Bliss is God's own nature. He will bless us with this Bliss. Bliss is God. Sai baba always stayed in this bliss. He is the ananda svarupa. So Satchidananda is the right word to analyze the true nature of Sai Baba.

Sadguru. Guru is the person who will remove the darkness of ignorance and present the brightness of knowledge. Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Maheswara and the same Guru is Parabrahmam also. Sat is the truth which not change with situations. It is the truth.That is the only thing that remain as it is always i.e. before and after creation. Guru who will lead the lives of his followers to the anantha tatvam is the real guru. And Sri Saibaba is the real Satguru.Through out his lifetime he tried to modify and make his devotees suitable to reach the godhood, the satguru is one who reach that state and who make his followers to reach the same state. Hence, Sai baba is the real sadguru.

Sai is a name given to him by a person called mahalsapati. It came to his mouth out of emotion and not given after proper verification. But it is the name chanted by millions of people. To analyse the name SAI., it consists of two words Sa+Ayi. Sa means saguna. Ayi means Mother. Automatically the name includes mother.It is truly appropriate for Baba. Sakara means with a form. Akaram. Ayi means amma. We particularly need not mention the love and affection of mother towards her child. Mother to a child is to The incarnation of love and affection.If the total love and affection of the total motherhood taken a form,no doubt it will take the shape of sri SAIBABA of Shirdi. It is a conformed fact told by direct devotees of Sai Baba that Sai is the incarnation of love. Once again we can tell after gone through his teachings that he really the incarnation of love. The next word Nath which means some thing like Burden taker. In the context of Sai Baba -to quote his words "Cast all your burdens on my shoulders, I will bear them". He is the real burden holder of the total universe. So he was the real SaiNATH.

Maharaj means a great personality. Yogi. Sadhu. Siddha Purusha, God incarnate. If we want to describe Sai maharaj words are not sufficient. Baba used to say "My treasure is full and overflowing. I can give you what all I have. But no one is ready to take the cartful of what I can give". Sai maharaj is such an avatar particularly incarnated to bless the real happiness along with worldly happiness. Meher baba used to say if you know Sai Baba as much I know about him you will feel that he is the Perfect Master of this Universe.That is our Sai Maharaj.

So now we can tell with full vision on sai maharaj,


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